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We are the first in the state of Gujarat to start an IVF lab and now one of the leading IVF centers in western India in terms of pregnancy rates and take home baby rates.

We do believe that infertility is something which needs dedication, commitment, enthusiasm, passion, persistence, faith of patient in the doctor and faith in the God to overcome it. We donít do miracles. We do work keeping science in our mind and prayers in our heart.

Infertility is nothing less than a stigma in INDIA. By getting our patient pregnant we donít just give them a child but by doing so we do solve their lots of social and family problems. As we know itís a very costly treatment and its out of reach for around half of the needy patients, we have decided to do it at a very low cost keeping away the commercial aspect of it.

Our patient pool is not only from Gujarat, Maharashtra and Rajasthan but we have given numerous pregnancies to NRI patients from USA, Middle East and UK., who come to INDIA for a very short period of time. We usually start their treatment through internet only and when they come to INDIA we can finish up the treatment in time and they can go back earlier. We do provide them a good hospitality.

We know that to get good results in ART we need proper stimulation and optimum culture conditions in the ivf lab. We have state of the art IVF lab with Positive pressure system, air curtain, Olympus Narishige Micromanipulator from Japan. Two incubators, one is Binder that is Made in Germany and the other one is Forma Scientific. We have Nikon stereozoom microscope from Japan which is integrated in the laminar flow. We have Craft Ovum suction pump which is from the company Rocket, England. All the disposables in IVF we buy from Falcon company which are tested for embryo development & toxicity and media from any of the international companies like Quinns or Medicult media.

By gods grace and by the hardwork and dedication of our team, till date we have been successful in helping patients to get pregnant either through IUI, IVF or ICSI. And we hope to do better in future days.

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