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  Dr. Dharmesh Kapadia
MBBS, Master in Clinical Embryology

He has done his medical graduation from Pramukhswami Medical College, Karamsad , Gujarat . After completing his MBBS in 1999, he has worked with various private hospitals in Ahmedabad.
As his main interest was embryology, in 2003 he went to Australia to do his Master in Clinical Embryology. He had taken rigorous training at Monash University; Melbourne, in all ART procedures like In Vitro Fertilisation ( IVF ), Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection ( ICSI ), Cryofreezing of sperms and embryos, In Vitro Maturation ( IVM ), Embryo Biopsy, Pre Implantation Genetic Diagnosis ( PGD ), Semen analysis and morphology etc.
He is well versed with maintanence of IVF lab and can do trouble shooting during difficult times.

He has also learnt how to manage male infertility and also learnt various ovarian stimulation protocols. He does genetic counseling of IVF patients.

After completing his Masters he came back to India and joined one of the leading IVF centres in South Gujarat. He had worked there for around three and half years. He had done around five hundred ICSI cases and had given 182 clinical pregnancies during that time.

He was one of the faculties in the teaching program being conducted at that institute. He used to give lectures and practical guidance to the gynecologists who were attending the workshop to learn infertility and embryology.

He has attended many national and international infertility conferences and also had an active participation in some of them.
He visits various IVF centres in the country to do batch ICSI, where he does five to ten cases a day.

He has joined Gynotech Associates at Sushrusha Hospital, Ahmedabad since September 2007. He is a full time embryologist and looks after male infertility and andrology.

His area of interests are
1) Optimising culture conditions to do Blastocyst transfer in virtually all patients.
2) To start IVM as a routine procedure to decrease the cost to the patient.
3) Treating Male infertility.

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