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  Franchise IVF Centre
If you are a practicing gynecologist with special interest in infertility and you are already doing IUI, we can help you out to start a franchise ivf centre.

As you know the cost for setting up an ivf lab is quite high and maintaining it requires a lot of effort, we provide you the state of the art lab and embryology services to start your ivf programme. You can offer ART treatment to your patients now.

You will be stimulating a patient and you will be sending them to us for the pick up and embryo transfer. After embryo transfer patient will be seeing you. You donít have to refer the patient, the patient will be coming to you for antenatal check up and for delivery.

The patient will be comfortable as well as confident knowing that they are getting their treatment done at one of the leading ivf centres in India and you are supervising the whole process.

You should be able to do transvaginal ultrasound or you can get it done by a radiologist during the stimulation cycle. You have to check hormones (FSH, LH, E2) at the start and during the stimulation to know the progress.

Once basic work up is done, you can start stimulating your patient through Long protocol, short protocol, ultra short protocol or antagonist protocol.

We welcome you to attend the workshop and one on one communication with our IVF consultant. We will teach you the stimulation protocols for different indications and will help you out to start stimulation for your patients. We will provide you this service free of cost if you are willing to affiliated to our centre. Please do call us and we can plan a meeting.

Together we will make a good team and i am sure we will help our patients to get conceive through ART.

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