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  Ovum Donation / Surrogacy
Recipient Information

Women who are menopausal and seeking child, who are unable to produce eggs of their own ( Surgical removal of ovaries or chemotherapy), who carries a genetic disorder or have poor egg quality or who have the history of recurrent abortions are counseled to opt for the option of the egg (oocyte) donation program at Gynotech Associates. To be considered as a recipient for donor eggs, you must have a normal uterus. Patients of advanced age ( above 40 ) have more chances of genetically abnormal oocytes ( aneuploid oocytes) and are able to overcome this barrier with the use of a donated egg. Patients undergoing in vitro fertilization with a donated egg often have high success rate because the egg being used is from a young, healthy donor and the milieu of the endometrium is very much like natural unlike in hyperstimulated patients.

The oocyte donor can be anonymous or can be related to the recipient. Anonymous donors are not permitted to meet you, the recipient, and cannot know whether or not a pregnancy occurred from their cycle. Known donors are often related to the recipient, most often a sister, or are a compassionate friend of the couple. In known donors its mandatory for them to fulfill all legal formalities regarding oocyte donation.
Screening for Recipients

The patients are counseled thoroughly about ovum donation, IVF or ICSI procedure, its success rates and possible complications. As the resulting child will have only half the genetic material from father and the other half from the donor, psychological acceptance for the situation is must.

If you are a perimenopausal women we will study your endometrium through repeated trans vaginal ultrasound and will synchronise your cycle with the donor.

If you are a menopausal women, and having small uterus we will give you hormonal treatment to increase the size of your uterus and will see that your endometrium becomes receptive for the embryos and can sustain the pregnancy.

You and your husband will be screened for various infections like HIV, HbsAg, VDRL, other sexually transmitted diseases. Your husband should get his semen analysis and morphology check done at our hospital and we will provide you facility of semen freezing if your husband wont be able to come on the day of pick up.

You will be screened for diabetes, hypertension and other medical and surgical conditions which can be controlled if its there before start of the treatment.

We will try to give you oocytes from the same blood group donor as you have. We also try to provide you the donor who have similar physical characteristic as well as educational and social back ground as you have.
The Procedure

On the day of donorís egg retrieval, your husband will be asked to give semen sample and if its already frozen he wont be required to attend the pick up day.

The semen will be processed according to our laboratory protocol ( Swim up or density gradient method).
The mature donor oocytes will be injected with your husbandís sperm and will be incubated in the incubator for two or three days. The day after ICSI, it will be checked for fertilization and you will be informed regarding the progress of the embryos and the embryo transfer procedure.

Two or maximum three embryos from the resulting pool will be transferred to your uterus and then will be given luteal support in the form of Progesterone and HCG injections and vaginal progesterone pessaries.

You will be asked to come after 15 days for the check of your blood to know the B HCG level and thus pregnancy.
Ovum Sharing Programme

We have developed an ovum sharing programme for those patients who are unable to afford the cost of IVF or ICSI cycle and for those patients who require ovum donation.

The donor is stimulated with hormones and is counseled to share her eggs with recipient. By doing so the cost is decreased for the donor and the recipient gets the eggs from donor.

We choose the donor patients who are poor and who are willing for ovum sharing. We also see that the patient has the capacity to produce good number of eggs, like young & thin patients, patients with tubal block and PCO patients.
For NRI Recipients

For NRI patients requiring ovum donation, we try to give initial treatment through internet so they can finish up their cycle and can go back within 15 to 20 days.

We will plan our donor cycle according to your arrival and will manage appropriate donor for you.
If you require we will help you out for your stay and we wish you to go back with a baby in your womb.

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