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Services Offered for Male:
  • Semen analysis and morphology testing
  • Complete evaluation and treatment for patients with oligospermia, asthenospermia, obstructive azoospermia, retrograde ejaculation, ejaculatory dysfunction, erectile dysfunction.
  • Hormonal assessment for males like FSH, LH, PRL,Testosterone.
  • Semen freezing and semen banking.
  • IVF, Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection ( ICSI )
  • Sperm retrieval techniques like PESA, MESA, TESA & TESE.
  • Pre Implantation Genetic diagnosis for specific genetic disorders.
  • Color Doppler for varicocele.
  • Surgeries like varicocelectomy, vasovasal anastomosis, undescended testis.
Services Offered for Female :
  • Trans vaginal sonography and Doppler study for ovulation study and ovarian stimulation.
  • Hormonal assessment S. FSH, S. LH, S. PRL, S. TSH, S. Estradiol etc.
  • Diagnostic hysteroscopy and therapeutic hysteroscopic surgeries like
    Removal of Polyp
    Removal of foreign bodies (bones left during previous MTP).
    Adhesinolysis of intrauterine synechiae
    Cornual cannulation
    Removal of submucous fibroids
    Division of septum
  • Diagnostic Hysterosalphingography on image intensifier.
  • Diagnostic laparoscopy and therapeutic surgeries like
    Drilling in PCO
    Adhesinolysis, tubo ovarian relation should be established.
    Fulgration of endometrial foci on uterosacral ligament,peritoneum and ovaries. Enucleation of chocolate cyst.
    Laparaoscopic myomectomy.

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